Industries We Service

Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd provides machining solutions to a wide variety of industries, including medical instrumentation, cryogenics, defence, packaging and transport. We currently employ over 20 highly skilled trades people, and have a variety of CNC machining capabilities; including vertical and horizontal milling, and multi axis lathe capabilities. With continuous machine and tooling upgrades, we are able to produce complex geometries with ease and precision.


Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd understand that not all parts require CNC machining we maintain manual machining capacity for the simpler one off parts. Manual lathes, mills and surface grinder will ensure your parts are manufactured to your exacting standards.


Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd continues to supply assemblies and complex components to the Australian Defence department and its subsidiaries.


Campagno supply high quality products to the heavy transport industry in Melbourne. We machine components and sub assemblies in small and large batches.

& Gas

Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd has supplied precision quality components to the cryogenics and gas industries from the very start of our business. from fittings, valves, manifold and a variety of other components in varying materials including, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.


From the very start Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd have produced parts for the packaging industry, being involved in the prototyping of the original designs through to today in delivering components as well as sub assemblies.


Campagno Engineering Pty Ltd have built a reputation as one of the most reliable companies in this field with our exacting attention to detail and high on time delivery numbers, many companies turn to us for their production needs.


Campagno engineering has gained a reputation with industry in Melbourne as the “go to” company for prototype machining of new products for the Medical instrumentation, Packaging, Laser and Cryogenics. We work with our customers to ensure that their design is brought to completion with minimal fuss and bother.