CNC Prototyping

A proven history of prototyping for the Medical, Energy, Mining, Packaging and Electronics industries.


CNC Machining Prototypes

CNC machined prototypes are ideal for businesses looking for rapid prototyping to test a product’s functionality, save costs by zeroing-in on design flaws early and getting your product to the pitch, and then production phase faster. Campagno are the go-to experienced engineers to create prototypes – a direct result of its capabilities and history in prototyping processes and design considerations.

If you’re an engineer or design team with an idea and drawings, Campagno can collaborate with you, approaching the project from a machining perspective to unlock its potential and create your high accuracy product prototype for you.

The need for prototype CNC machining continue to grow as industry continues to rapidly evolve due to the lightning-speed advancements in Industry 4.0 and AI. These new innovations require prototyping process, quality assurance, CNC technology and importantly, human supervision – the best practice attributes Campagno has built through 40+ years of hard-won experience.


With exacting attention to detail and on-time delivery, Campagno has provided design assistance, prototyping, and manufacture of complex parts and sub-assemblies to medical device companies throughout Australia’s medical industry including ventilators, fertility devices and cancer diagnostics equipment.



A full turnkey solution – providing prototyping and design assistance, component manufacture and sub-assembly work – it’s what Campagno is known for. Assisting in developing and subsequent manufacturing of a packaging machine at the top of its class since the 1980s is what we have forged our reputation on.



Partnering with a laser and electronics manufacturer since its inception, Campagno has provided assistance designing and manufacturing components resulting in export sales to world-leading universities, government labs and industrial partners in laser electronics, quantum computing and communications.


Supporting Connec through the prototype and testing phase of its Australian-designed, next-generation high-voltage electrical coupling systems, Campagno showcased its considerable prototyping capability used throughout the Mining, Transport, Energy and Infrastructure industries.

CNC Prototype Machining

Campagno’s machining centres are fully capable of prototyping and design assistance right through to producing final parts – a start-to-finish one-stop solution for your CNC prototypes.


Our CNC prototype machining process is the best solution when quick production, complex design, tight tolerances, material versatility, prototype complexity and exact specifications are priorities.


Cost effective prototyping for the manufacturing industry, deploying our cnc machining and rapid prototyping skillsets for industries such as the expanding energy industry, is achieved using our CNC machining process that cements our position as experts in the prototyping industry.

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