Medical Device Engineering

Precision Engineered Components for Medical Device Companies in Australia

Campagno Engineering has been providing precision engineered solutions to the Medical Device sector for over 25 years. We have built a reputation for being reliable, with exacting attention to detail and on-time delivery while providing design assistance, prototyping, machined components and sub-assemblies in small and large batches.

Campagno Engineering manufactures and supplies complex parts and sub-assemblies to Medical Device companies throughout Australia including ventilators, fertility devices and cancer diagnostics Equipment.

We pride ourselves on offering current precision engineering and machining techniques that are fast, efficient and cost-effective for our customers.


Campagno Engineering has been at the forefront of developing some of Australia’s most successful medical devices through trusted relationships, proven design assistance and prototyping with the leading companies in this field.

• Quality assurance

• Quality control

• Reverse engineering

• Lean manufacturing

• Design assistance

• Prototyping

Featured Project :

NOTUS ventilator project

As a key part of the specialised Melbourne-based manufacturing consortium, Campagno Engineering supplied approximately 30 complex components for the Australian Government-backed emergency ventilator program in response to COVID-19.

The project, headed by Grey Innovation, delivered 2,000 ventilators in the 5-month period leading up to August 2020.



“Campagno Engineering is a highly valued supplier to Leica, as you know the reason we have entered into the current long-term relationship and supply agreement was driven predominantly by Campagno Engineering’s excellent Supply and Quality level, matched by competitive pricing and commitment to Leica Biosystems. Your range of products are critical to our manufactured Medical devices, your excellent quality rating currently sitting on 98% (the highest of all our 285 suppliers) is proof of this.”

Leica Biosystems

Leica Biosystems Melbourne is a manufacturer of products used in the detection and research of the COVID-19 virus, as well as other cancer diagnostics products. As such, Leica Biosystems Melbourne is part of the health care infrastructure and our production and distribution operations are essential to the world-wide response to this pandemic.

Capability statement

Download our capability statement for an overview of our company, customers, services and expertise, and project examples.


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